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At Evoke Childcare Centres, the Reggio Emilia approach guides us in our mission to provide a safe and nurturing environment.

Our Childcare Centres

EVOKE Early Learning centres are carefully designed to present an open learning environment that encourages children to explore their natural curiosity in a manner that stimulates their unique development journey. As leading childcare centres in Albert Park and Clayton, our educational program allows each child to learn at a pace and style that best suits their needs. We promote inclusivity, encouraging all family members to get involved in what are the most crucial years of a child’s learning and development.

Nourishing growth, passion & life-long learning

Our childcare and early learning centres offer:

  • Welcoming indoor and outdoor spaces that encourage exploration, play and learning
  • High quality educational programs based on each child’s interests, abilities, culture and strengths
  • Educators who are partners in the learning process, who guide experiences, open-ended discovery, and problem solving.
  • Improved educator to child ratios, ensuring children have greater individual care and attention for children
  • An inclusive environment where all families are encouraged to participate in and contribute to experiences that enhance children’s learning and development
  • Support all children to develop a sense of place, identity and a connection to the land and the natural world
  • Effective leadership and management
  • Individual programs for babies, toddlers and kindergarten

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