Toddler and Pre Kindergarten Child Care

Our toddler and pre kindergarten child care rooms are welcoming and home like where our young children have the freedom to explore and create. Toddlers are little people with big emotions that they don’t always have the words for. Play gives them a chance to explore and express their emotions and also practise managing them. This is good for your child’s self-regulation behaviour and relationships.

Image of Toddler at Pre-Kindergarten Childcare

Play to encourage development in the Toddler room.

Our Educators create spaces and experiences where children can play to practise understanding, expressing and managing their feelings.
Great ways to encourage this include playing and sharing with:

  • Big and light things like cardboard boxes, buckets or blow-up balls can encourage your child to run, build, push or drag.
  • Chalk, rope, music or containers can encourage jumping, kicking, stomping, stepping and running.
  • Books, audio stories, singing and dancing
  • Hoops, boxes, large rocks or pillows are good for climbing on, balancing, twisting, swaying or rolling.
  • Dramatic play with scarves, hats and so on are good for imagination and creativity.
  • Sand, mud or paints – your toddler can happily slap sand or stomp in mud, or make big paint strokes
  • Hills, tunnels or nooks can encourage physical activities like crawling and exploring.
  • Outdoor play equipment where our Toddlers can run, tumble or roll around to let out their emotions

We encourage our toddlers to lead and our nurturing educators have an important role in helping your child cope with strong emotions like frustration or disappointment. We also offer our busy Toddlers a time to rest or sleep. This relaxation time is an important part of their everyday routine.

For more information, visit your nearest centre for a tour, we have child care centres in Clayton and Albert Park.