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Emotional Intelligence: Building Strong Foundations in Early Childhood

The term ‘emotional intelligence’ describes the ability to both empathise with others and to understand and express our own emotions. It’s often expressed by the acronym, EQ – although this shouldn’t be mistaken for the similar term, IQ. The latter stands for intelligence quotient and describes cognitive abilities. Conversely to EQ, a person’s IQ is […]

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How to Celebrate Diversity and Inclusion in Early Childhood Education

Creating a diverse environment within an early childhood education facility plays a huge role in how children begin to understand those who are different from them and their families. A child’s understanding of the world is built upon multiple influences. From life at home to the hours spent in an early learning school, this is […]

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Why Role Play Is So Important For A Child’s Healthy Development

When young children are playing, it’s very common to see (and hear) them conjuring up different scenarios and pretending to be a character other than themselves.  But while it may look like they’re simply having fun, there’s a really serious side to role play.  Role play (also sometimes referred to as pretend, dramatic or imaginative […]

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Practical Ways You Can Help Your Child Develop Social Skills

Much is said about supporting the development of a young child’s cognitive skills in order to prepare them for the transition to ‘big’ school, but did you know that social skills play an equally vital role in their school readiness as well as in how they navigate a more successful journey throughout their lives? Let’s […]

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Building Resilience In Young Children

Resilience.  We know the value of being able to bounce back from difficult challenges and adapt to life’s ups and downs, but are some people naturally more bulletproof than others or can resilience be taught? The good news is that everyone can learn resilience skills - regardless of their age. That said, the earlier that […]

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Mindfulness and Parenting

Parenting isn’t easy and there are many times when it doesn’t match up to expectations or reflect the perfect picture of family harmony which you see so often in carefully curated social media feeds or glossy magazines.   Parenting is real.  It’s precious and beautiful and rewarding, but it can also be messy, challenging, unpredictable, […]

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Why Loose Parts Play Is Critical For Healthy Childhood Development

When you watch young children at play, you’ll quickly see that they’re drawn to things that they can manipulate, move around, take apart, combine, manipulate and interpret.   The concept of ‘loose parts’ was formalised after British architect Simon Nicholson published a paper on the topic in 1971.  He had been researching the impact of various […]

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Does The Choice Of Early Learning Centre Affect A Child In The Long-Term?

A child’s learning journey starts from the minute they enter the world and we know that the early years are critical for their healthy development.  Their brains grow rapidly during their first few years of life and it’s the time when foundations are laid for the development of vital cognitive, physical, social and emotional skills. […]

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All You Need To Know About School Readiness

Most parents feel a sense of apprehension about their child’s transition to big school.  Is my child ready for the change?  Do they have the foundational skills necessary for the more formal learning environment?  Will they cope? This article unpacks the concept of ‘school readiness’ and discusses ways to nurture and develop a child’s cognitive, […]

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Why Reading Is The Route To A Lifelong Love Of Learning

There isn’t an educator, researcher or child development expert in the world who doesn’t agree that reading enhances a child’s cognitive and intellectual development.  Exposing children to books and reading from their earliest days feeds their natural curiosity, enhances their cognitive development and can ignite a lifelong passion for learning. Early literacy lays the foundation […]

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