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Dealing with Separation Anxiety in Early Childhood: Guidance on how to manage separation anxiety in young children

While it’s perfectly normal for both you and your child to feel a little sad for a few minutes when you part, separation anxiety is a completely different matter. It’s a surprisingly common childhood challenge, most usually experienced in children between six months and three years of age. Even if your child doesn’t appear to […]

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Teaching Basic Maths Concepts to Pre-schoolers: Fun and engaging ways to introduce basic maths to young children

Basic maths skills are easy to introduce to little ones. Rather than thinking of this as a complex subject that is only taught at school, there are loads that parents and caregivers can do to introduce the foundations of maths in a really fun way. Six simple steps to bring maths into everyday life The […]

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Inspired by Reggio Emilia – Delivered by Evoke: A curriculum for lifelong success

The first few years of a child’s life have the biggest impact on their future. It’s during these critical times that vital neural connections are being forged, a love of discovery and learning is nurtured, and the stable building blocks of independence are being laid… The crucial foundations from which the future adult will rise […]

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The Importance of Structured Childcare Programs

In a world where we understand the importance of encouraging children to explore and learn through what piques their interest, the words ‘structured childcare’ can sound rather jarring. Therefore, we need to understand the difference between a program being structured versus one that’s rigid. Indeed, while the latter harps back to long outdated views and […]

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Help Your Toddler Foster the Foundations for Lifelong Independence

Independence is an essential life skill. Building the foundations starts at a very young age – and there’s plenty that parents and caregivers can do to encourage this. Toddlers are naturally inquisitive. Every waking hour is filled with new discoveries and the brain is undergoing the steepest learning curve of life. Every day, new neural […]

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The Impact of Parent Involvement in Early Childhood Education

Parents and guardians play a huge role in childhood education. Even if you take full advantage of a great early childhood education centre, the most precious member (or members) of your family still spends more time with you than anyone else. The more you understand the impact you have during these crucial formative years, the […]

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Emotional Intelligence: Building Strong Foundations in Early Childhood

The term ‘emotional intelligence’ describes the ability to both empathise with others and to understand and express our own emotions. It’s often expressed by the acronym, EQ – although this shouldn’t be mistaken for the similar term, IQ. The latter stands for intelligence quotient and describes cognitive abilities. Conversely to EQ, a person’s IQ is […]

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How to Celebrate Diversity and Inclusion in Early Childhood Education

Creating a diverse environment within an early childhood education facility plays a huge role in how children begin to understand those who are different from them and their families. A child’s understanding of the world is built upon multiple influences. From life at home to the hours spent in an early learning school, this is […]

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How To Raise A Kind And Compassionate Child

‘No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted’ There’s no doubt that the world could benefit from more acts of kindness - both big and small - and our first step towards this is to raise our children to be kind, compassionate and caring. But how do we do that?  Is it easier said […]

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Encouraging Independence In Young Children

It’s not easy teaching little ones to become more independent, but it is really worth putting in time and effort to help children develop this key skill. A child who is self-sufficient is likely to have a healthier self-esteem and in a better position to navigate the challenges that life will inevitably throw at them.  […]

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