Feedback from families, educators, staff and the wider community is fundamental in creating an evolving service working towards the highest standard of care and education.  

Evoke has an Open-Door Policy and actively seeks and encourages families to be involved in the service. This can range from evaluating and adding input to your child’s program and observations, volunteering within the service and sharing skills and experiences that the children and the program will benefit from and providing feedback.

You can be involved in our Family Committee. Your involvement can be as formal or active as you like as time permits. We respect that time is limited for most families and we ask that you inform us as to your preferred way of communication. We can arrange meetings with your child’s educator at a time that suits you and offer email, SMS, Facebook, Xplor and Storypark updates and pride ourselves on strong verbal communication on a daily basis. We seek input from families on all aspects of the service but in particular, your child’s goals, observations and program.

If, for any reason you question or do not understand any aspect of the service or your child’s experience we have a Grievance Policy that supports all stakeholders in our community and like all policies, is available for families to consult and implement at any time. Copies of our policies are available in the reception area and families of enrolled children are also provided with electronic copies to review at their leisure.

We encourage our families to attempt to discuss their complaints with the relevant educator associated with a particular child and/or family as the first step to resolving the issue. Parents and carers can also speak to the Centre Director.

If the issue cannot be resolved, we encourage our families to communicate any concerns they may have in writing addressed to the Nominated Supervisor or Approved Provider to investigate.