EVOKE Albert Park Team

Nourishing growth, passion & life-long learning” is a constant reminder to our team that the end goal is bigger than the everyday. 

We’re proud of the exemplary level of daycare in Albert Park that we offer, and constantly strive to find ways in which we can make our service even more extraordinary. Every member of staff, from management through to the admin team, is dedicated to helping children learn at their own pace and style, creating the essential building blocks that will set them up for future success.

At Evoke we consider our employees to be our most valuable assets. Building and managing the systems that recruit, attract, hire, train, motivate and retain our organisation's best employees continue to be our highest priority.

At Evoke we value a collaborative leadership culture where leadership is not just positional but about drawing on each team member’s strengths and expertise. A shared leadership model can result in a team of educators who are committed to a culture of learning, respect, and teamwork.

Charles McDonal Approved Provider At Evoke Early Learning Daycare Albert Park

Charles McDonald

Approved Provider

As the Approved Provider, Charles, ensures good governance and management of Evoke Early Learning. Charles clear and compelling vision - to provide a safe and nuturing environment that promotes knowledge and inspires a life-long love of learning - underpins our philosophy, Quality Improvement Plan and serves to inspire our whole team. Charles plays a key role in supporting our team and visits the service on a monthly basis.


Tracey Davey Operations Manager At Evoke Early Learning Daycare Albert Park.

Tracey Davey

General Manager of Operations Evoke Early Learning and Nominated Supervisor

Tracey ensures that relationships, projects, systems and processes are designed, implemented and evaluated to ensure compliance with the requirements of the National Law and Regulations. Tracey is Evoke Early Learning's Senior Policy writer and point of contact with the Department of Education and Training. She has a Master of Education in Educational Leadership, an Advanced Diploma of Business, dual VIT registration as an Early Childhood Teacher and Primary Teacher and is also a VIT Trained Mentor Teacher.


Tracey Davey Operations Manager At Evoke Early Learning Daycare Albert Park.

Sophie Guerrero

Educational Leader and Responsible Person In Charge

Sophie has an influential role in promoting positive outcomes for children and families. Sophie has worked in independent early learning centres, sessional kindergarten and long day care settings. She helps to builds the capacity of educators by inspiring, motivating, affirming, challenging and extending their practice and pedagogy. She is responsible for all student placement and supports staff ongoing learning and professional development through a cycle of inquiry and reflection.

Vickie Bell Finance Officer At Evoke Early Learning Daycare Albert Park

Tess Davey

Administration Team

Our Administration Team deliver high-quality customer service and administrative support to our families, children, staff and visitors to the service. 

Vickie Bell Finance Officer At Evoke Early Learning Daycare Albert Park

Nicholas Davey

Administration Team

Our team works hard to promote a welcoming and supportive environment, to ensure that all who call, or visit the service, feel valued and appreciated.  

Vickie Bell Finance Officer At Evoke Early Learning Daycare Albert Park

Alex King

Administration Team

The team is responsible for booking tours and orientation sessions, confirming enrolments, bookings, holiday leave and family accounts.  

Our large team of 45 Educators is dedicated to supporting each child as an individual, in their learning and developmental journey.

The Education and Care of all children are led by our Centre Manager, Educational Leader, and Room Leaders and supported by Bachelor trained Early Childhood Teachers and Educators.

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