EVOKE Albert Park Team

Nourishing growth, passion & life-long learning” is a constant reminder to our team that the end goal is bigger than the everyday. 

At Evoke we consider our employees to be our most valuable assets. Building and managing the systems that recruit, attract, hire, train, motivate and retain our organisations best employees continue to be our highest priority.

At Evoke we value a collaborative leadership culture where leadership is not just positional but about drawing on each team members’ strengths and expertise. A shared leadership model can result in a team of educators who are committed to a culture of learning, respect and teamwork.

Our Operations Manager, Tracey Davey, ensures that relationships, projects, systems and processes are designed, implemented and evaluated to support the efficient operational delivery of the service. Tracey coordinates and leads working groups in all activities necessary for the successful development, implementation, and completion of special projects. Tracey has a Master of Education in Educational Leadership, as well as dual VIT registration as an Early Childhood Teacher and Primary Teacher. She is also a VIT Trained Mentor Teacher.

Catalina Arboleda, our Centre Manager, is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the service. Her key duties will include the overall planning, administration, marketing and resourcing of the centre. She will be the primary point of contact for families.

Kate Daffy, our Educational Leader, is responsible for leading the development of the curriculum at the service, supporting educators’ growth and fostering a professional learning community.

Our Office Administrator, Shirley Chen, delivers high-quality customer service and administrative support to our Evoke children, families, staff  and visitors to the service. Shirley ensures the smooth running of the internal operations of the service. She works hard to promote a welcoming and supportive environment, to ensure that all who call, or visit the service, feel valued and appreciated.

Our large team of 40 educators are all led by a Room Leader. The Room Leader and Educators are dedicated to supporting each child as an individual in their learning and developmental journey.

Our Kindergarten program is led by a Bachelor trained Early Childhood Teacher, supported Diploma qualified and Certificate III Educators.