Author - Tracey Davey

Tracey Davey Operations Manager At Evoke Early Learning Daycare Albert Park.

Tracey Davey

General Manager of Operations Evoke Early Learning and Nominated Supervisor

Tracey is a highly qualified educator and administrator and brings a strong combination of academic achievement, extensive work experience in the education and business sectors as well as drive and passion to her role as General Manager of Operations at Evoke Early Learning.  

Tracey has a Master of Education and an Advanced Diploma of Business and holds VIT Dual Registration to teach in Early Childhood and Primary School settings.  She’s also a VIT Trained Mentor Teacher and has worked in ECEC settings as a Director, Educational Leader and as a Victorian Senior Area manager.  Her recognition as a state finalist in the recent Director of the Year Awards is testament to her achievements in the early education sector.

Her extensive work experience also included a stint as Head of Curriculum at the Royal Children’s Hospital Education Institute and positions as head of ICT at a number of large primary and secondary schools.   Tracey is also experienced in not-for-profit sessional kindergarten settings and long daycare environments, so she has a deep understanding of what’s required to support the needs and expectations of young children, educators, parents and caregivers.

Tracey is responsible for operational management at Evoke Early Learning’s Clayton centre in Oakleigh East and their Albert Park centre in South Melbourne and is deeply committed to leading and driving effective and sustainable service delivery throughout the company.

Tracey is passionate about making a meaningful difference to young children, their parents and the wider community and under her expert guidance, Evoke Early Learning is continuing to raise the bar in quality early education and childcare.

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Girl looking through magnifying glass at Evoke Early Learning Albert Park and South Melbourne.

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Girl discovering natural materials at Evoke Early Learning Child Care Centre in Albert Park and South Melbourne.

Implementing The Reggio Emilia Approach In The Classroom

Prospective parents often ask us about our classroom set-up and how our spaces support our Reggio Emilia-inspired approach to teaching and learning. Well, because this innovative pedagogical approach differs significantly from the traditional teaching method, our classrooms at Evoke Early Learning have a different look and feel to more mainstream environments.  The Reggio Emilia philosophy […]

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Boy playing at Evoke Early Learning Child Care Centre in Albert Park, South Melbourne.

Why Natural Play Environments Are So Crucial For Children

‘To grow up healthy, children need to sit less and play more’ (World Health Organisation) This is a view shared by researchers, education experts and parents all over the world as our society becomes increasingly digitised and communication and entertainment comes from sedentary interaction with a screen. But experts also agree that not all play […]

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The Importance of Literacy And Language Development In Early Childhood Education

Language and literacy development is a vital aspect of child development and there are many things that parents, caregivers and early childhood educators can do to support and encourage young children in this area.  This article will be useful to anyone wanting more information on how they can support babies and young children with early […]

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Evoke Early Learning Child Care Centre in Albert Park and South Melbourne

Why High-Quality Child Care Matters for Children's Development

Every parent wants the best for their child and wants to see them grow into happy, well-adjusted, engaged and fulfilled adults. The foundation for a promising future starts from the day they are born with the choice of childcare playing a foundational role in their lifelong success. The simple fact is - high quality childcare […]

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Why Learning A Second Language Can Set A Child Up For Life

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Helpful Ways To Support Your Child’s Natural Curiosity

Every child has an innate sense of curiosity.   They’re born with it.  Curiosity is what drives their desire to discover the world around them, to make sense of the uncertain and to learn and to grow.  And parents can play a really important role and supporting their children in their enquiries and explorations. By fostering […]

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Evoke Clayton, image of pine cones and leaves

12 Principles of the Reggio Emilia Educational Approach

The Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education is unique. Hailing from a small town in Italy, it centres around the belief that every child has a number of natural attributes to be nurtured and honed. These include: •          Being strong, capable and resilient •          Rich in wonder and knowledge •          Having an innate curiosity […]

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Respect the Child: A Key Factor of the Reggio Emilia Approach

The success of the Reggio Emilia approach within early childhood education has been mirrored in continents across the world. With its roots in Italy, Europe, this unique method is guided by the concept that the teacher is more of a partner in learning, as opposed to presenting a structured educational syllabus. Respecting the child is […]

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Girl with magnifying glass at Evoke Early Learning Albert Park and South Melbourne.

All You Need To Know About The Early Years Learning Framework

If your child already attends a childcare centre or if you’re planning to enrol them in the future, then you may have come across the Australian Government’s Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). If you’re interested in finding out more about it, this article takes a look at the EYLF and the key role it plays […]

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