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Why Loose Parts Play Is Critical For Healthy Childhood Development

When you watch young children at play, you’ll quickly see that they’re drawn to things that they can manipulate, move around, take apart, combine, manipulate and interpret.   The concept of ‘loose parts’ was formalised after British architect Simon Nicholson published a paper on the topic in 1971.  He had been researching the impact of various […]

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Does The Choice Of Early Learning Centre Affect A Child In The Long-Term?

A child’s learning journey starts from the minute they enter the world and we know that the early years are critical for their healthy development.  Their brains grow rapidly during their first few years of life and it’s the time when foundations are laid for the development of vital cognitive, physical, social and emotional skills. […]

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Girl looking through magnifying glass at Evoke Early Learning Albert Park and South Melbourne.

All You Need To Know About School Readiness

Most parents feel a sense of apprehension about their child’s transition to big school.  Is my child ready for the change?  Do they have the foundational skills necessary for the more formal learning environment?  Will they cope? This article unpacks the concept of ‘school readiness’ and discusses ways to nurture and develop a child’s cognitive, […]

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Why Reading Is The Route To A Lifelong Love Of Learning

There isn’t an educator, researcher or child development expert in the world who doesn’t agree that reading enhances a child’s cognitive and intellectual development.  Exposing children to books and reading from their earliest days feeds their natural curiosity, enhances their cognitive development and can ignite a lifelong passion for learning. Early literacy lays the foundation […]

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Your Baby’s First Day At Daycare - Looking After Them And You

How do you feel about sending your baby to daycare?  Are you wracked with guilt?  Anxious at the thought of separating from your little one?  Distressed because you feel like you’ll be losing control?  Overwhelmed by the enormity of this next chapter?  What to expect on baby’s first day at childcare Baby’s first day at […]

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Preparing Your 3 Year-Old For Their First Day At Kindergarten

Excitement.  Trepidation.  Uncertainty.  Doubt.  Nervousness.  Anxiety.  Stress.  Fear.  And that’s just how some parents feel ahead of their three-year old starting day care.  Imagine all the emotions your little one is feeling! Of course, not everyone is daunted by the idea of starting day care or kindy, but we do know from experience that preparing […]

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Why Evoke Early Learning Is One Of The Best Early Schools In Clayton

If you’re investigating childcare and early education options for your little one (or your future little one!) and live in or around Melbourne’s south eastern suburbs, then Evoke Early Learning in Clayton should be on your radar. As with all our Evoke Early Learning centres, our Clayton site is inspired by the Reggio Emilia educational […]

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Why Evoke Early Learning Is One Of The Best Early Schools In Albert Park

We understand that choosing a child care centre for your little one can be a challenge, but if you live near South Melbourne, look no further than Evoke Early Learning in Albert Park. While it may sound like we’re blowing our own trumpet, we’re confident that Evoke Early Learning in Albert Park is one of […]

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Why Regular Bedtime Is Crucial For Children

Getting children to bed at night isn’t just important for preserving the sanity of the parents.  It’s vital for the healthy development of young brains too. Researchers in the UK found a correlation between consistent bedtimes during early childhood and cognitive performance and suggested that going to bed at different times each night during those […]

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Your Complete Guide To Incorporating Reggio Emilia Ideas At Home

If you’ve chosen a Reggio Emilia-inspired early learning school for your child or are considering enrolling them in one which embraces the principles of this child-centric philosophy, you may be interested to learn how to incorporate Reggio Emilia ideas in your home. After all, the Reggio Emilia philosophy is a lifestyle approach, not confined to […]

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